For Builders

For home builder contractors, we provide custom solutions for your new builds to ensure maximum cost and energy efficiency. We work with our dealers to custom calculate each plan design for your new build to ensure the right products are used to achieve quality. We understand the importance of budget requirements when working with large projects and the need substitute the right equipment to achieve the right heating and loss calculations.

Ontario Home Builder Contractor Services (OHBCS) is an installation provider to residential customers and home building contractors since 2003. OHBCS certified technicians specializes in custom home builds in providing snowmelt systems, radiant heating and HVAC installations. We have been an installation provider for rental companies handling large volumes for a number of years. Further, we service custom home builds with over 30 technicians on board which can be available to you.

OHBCS uses a specific strategy as an installation provider specializing in maximum energy efficiency and minimizing costs for any home by using a custom design for residential homes and home builders. Ontario Hydronic Heating is a part of Ontario Home Builder Contractor Service for the hydronic services specializing in in floor heating and hydronic systems.

We offer you:
  • Quality Installation with energy efficient products of your choice!
  • Diversity in our services with combination systems to meet your budget requirements
  • A team of contractors available to meet your installation targets
  • Customer calculation of your project and/or subdivision to meet heat and loss calculations
  • Trouble shoot heating problems of existing properties
  • Use hydronic combination systems to save you money
  • Builder rebates
  • Worry free installation and coverage
  • Snowmelt and radiant heating for custom home builds
  • Work with union and non union contractors
  • Carbon monoxide testing for every home
  • Troubleshoot high efficient boilers and rads

We work with you step by step and assigned contractors to ensure items are installed in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-877-836-6708.

Licensed Technicians

Our certified technicians, TSSA certified and professionally training staff will gladly assist you with any installations for your home quickly with cost efficiency in mind. The goal is to have your home as energy efficient as possible.

Ontario Home Builder Contractor Services is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. We work with the technology Energy Star, High Efficiency and water efficiency solutions to save you money on your energy costs.