High Efficiency Mascot II Boiler

The Mascot II is a stylish, intelligently designed, combination boiler & water heater from Laars Heating Systems. Its 95% plus efficiency lowers operating costs and the "zero clearance installation" allows it to fit just about anywhere.

Homeowners love the quiet, dependable, and energy saving operation of the Mascot II. This wall-hung, compact powerhouse has ample output for both home heating and a continuous supply of domestic hot water.

The Mascott II is a 125 MBTU heating only or combination ("Combi". Heating and domestic hot water) wall mounted boiler has the following benefits:

  • Sleek, appliance -grade cabinet that looks great in any location
  • Up to 95%+ efficiency, compensating operation
  • 2 year parts warranty, 10 year heat exchanger warranty
  • Energy star qualified
  • Zero installation clearance
  • Sealed combustion
  • Direct spark ignition for smooth reliable starts
  • Two venting options
  • Optimization gas usage for lower energy bills via 20% to 100% input modulating gas valve
  • Quiet variable speed blower
  • Boilers are set up for natural gas, no parts necessary for conversion to LP gas
  • Three speed circulator with air vent and "quick remove" mounting system
  • Pump Free protection
  • Stainless steel A.S.M.E primary heat exchanger with externally welded manifolds for better flow rates and prevention of leaks
  • Hydronic system water pressure sensor for safety at low water levels
  • Unique seals condensate traps does not need to be primed at start up
  • Low emissions, 10ppm NOx
  • Perfect for radiant floor heating applications with no restrictions on low return water temperatures
  • Approved for closet and alcove installations - perfect for town homes too!
  • Superb for saving space by combining heating and domestic hot water in one small appliance!

High Efficiency Trinity Gas Ti Boiler

When you choose the TRINITY boiler, you choose the ultimate in top quality, high efficiency boilers. The superb efficiencies and state of art combustion systems of the Trinity mean little heat is wasted, less natural gas or propane is used and homeowners save money. The high capacity heat exchanger coil provides ample hot water for every household need at a very low cost. Nti customers know that Trinity boilers are built to last a lifetime! The Trinity boiler meets or exceeds North American energy and emissions regulations.

  • Available in both Natural Gas and Propane versions with a modulation system that eliminates additional models
  • State-of-the-art sealed modulation combustion system with hot surface ignition
  • Patented 316L stainless condensing heat exchanger provides ultimate efficiencies
  • All connections are conveniently located for ease of installation
  • Wall mount configuration saves valuable floor space
  • Vents easily with conventional ABS, PVC or CPVC plastic piping
  • The TRINITY has industry-leading modulation rates, which significantly increases comfort while reducing cycling and fuel consumption
  • The distinctive casing design reduces costly standby losses, while virtually eliminating combustion noises
  • High-capacity plate heat exchanger on combination models provides ample domestic hot water
  • The TRINITY is certified, designed and rated to strict CSA, AGA, ASME and CSAus codes
  • Operates burner, heating pump, and auxiliary indirect pump or valve
  • Pump exerciser routine activates
  • Designed to withstand power dips and spikes
  • Provided with outdoor sensor for automatic boiler temperature reset
  • Multi functional LED display system
  • Digital set point for unmatched accuracy

Triangle Tube: Prestige Trimax Excellence

The Triangle Tube high boiler is great for space heating and domestic hot water All-in-One. The Prestige Excellence Series combines a High Efficiency Condensing Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Gas Boiler with a built-in "Tank-in-Tank" Indirect Fired Water Heater. In addition to the reliability and economy of a 110 Series Stainless Steel Condensing Boiler the Prestige Excellence Model's 14 gallon in-cabinet Indirect Fired Water Heater is capable of producing 180 gph of domestic hot water.

Triangle Tube

  • 96% AFU Efficiency
  • Abundant Domestic hot water with standard mixing valve
  • Highest water content in the industry
  • Ideal for small zones without short cycling
  • Self Cleaning / Self Descaling
  • Condensate washes combustion residue away when streaming down the tubes resulting in a constant efficiency and reduced maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Fully Modulating
  • Built-in exclusive "Tank-in-Tank"
  • Unparalleled resistance to corrosion
  • Less sensitive to water flow
  • Vertical Firetube Design
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Impervious to chloride cracking
  • Stable temperature control
  • Low pressure drop
  • Condensate washes combustion residue away
  • Control panel with digital display
  • Standard Outdoor Reset
  • Digital Display
  • Direct Vent / Sealed Combustion

IBC Boiler:

Our wall-mounted condensing boilers convert Natural Gas or Propane into heat with unprecedented efficiency, helping to stretch our precious supply of fossil fuels well into the future. We are dedicated to finding new and better ways to utilize the world's dwindling energy resources while providing superior comfort, reliability and fuel savings to our customers.

  • Superior load matching with its wide throttle range: 20,000 to 115,000 btu/hr
  • Easy installation: retrofit friendly
  • Industry leading all-in-one boiler management control
  • 439 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 96.1 AFUE - earns top level grants and rebates
  • Lifetime limited warranty